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Logistics software for rail freight companies

ECHO is the modular logistics software for rail freight businesses. ECHO offers a wide range of functions for the specific areas of this economic sector. Among those are solutions for railway operation companies, rail carriers, fleet owners who are managing wagons and locomotives, shippers as well as maintenance companies.
The modular construction of ECHO enables us to deliver an exact combination of the specific functions you need. We offer individual software solutions which allow clear cost advantages through standardisation, yet each ECHO application is still a tailor-made software solution.
Special demands of our customers are continuously developed and added.
A growing number of functions like Internet portals or apps are already available. Through these lately added functions you can monitor the complete train operation via mobile devices and integrate data, like damages into the railcar management. The mobile access of wagon data and detailed technical documents makes you independent from stationary post collection of the data. The communication with clients and suppliers is significantly easier and faster.
Your benefits
  • You benefit from our 25 years of experience as market-leading specialists in the rail logistics industry.
  • Through countless interfaces we ensure that our software works seamlessly with your other applications.
  • Due to our excellent contacts in this industry we can react in a foresightful manner to changes and offer you the solutions as close as possible.
  • With our ECHO applications we are keen to emphasize specifically on stability as well as easy handling.