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Logistics software for ECM

ECHO | ECM offers fleet owners and/or ECM of locomotives, wagons a fairly extensive system for documentation of the technical data, time planning and processing of the commercial processes in the field of rental agreements and maintenance. The invoicing of rentals is done automatically based on the contract data, equipment usage and damage data. The sales department is assisted in the management of requests, offers and existing contracts.
The service contracting can rely on numerous evaluations of existing price agreements and technical characteristics. Each wagon or locomotive can be described in ECHO | ECM down to the tiniest detail, like assemblies and/or required spare parts and can get managed with serial numbers, maintenance periods, planned repair and reconstruction. A compatible material management makes sure that the correct spare parts are available at the right time and place.
Your benefits
  • Extensive documentation of rolling stock data and technical details
  • Complex contract management of your rental business
  • Easy planning and allocation of maintenance periods
  • Complete settlement of your commercial processes of request, offer, order, invoice post-calculation in one system
  • Automated monitoring of dates and deadlines

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