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Logistics software for rail maintenance

ECHO | Maintenance assists workshops , mobile repair services and professional cleaning companies to get their orders done as quickly and as correct as possible, while not losing the costs out of sight.
It is the detailed administration of data of wagons or locomotives that ensures that no maintenance level will be missed. Spareparts lists and technical documentations of all components can be exchanged via interfaces and assigned to correlating wagons, locos and orders.
The processing of work orders is assisted through a standardised service catalogue, a detailed capacity planning and an integrated cost center accounting. The materials management supports that the needed parts are available in sufficient number at the correct time. Estimations, offers and bills are processed on the base of recorded data in an automatised manner and can be transferred as electronic data interchange (EDI).
Your benefits
  • Unique mapping of service catalogues, work orders and parts lists
  • Clear evaluation of existing and required capacity
  • Full overview and control over the arising costs
  • Complete settlement of your commercial processes of request, offer, order, invoice post-calculation in one system
  • Reliable material management to ensure the smooth operation of your workflow.

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