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Logistics software for railway undertakings

ECHO | RTC assists private rail traction companies in all tasks with an effective depiction of all relevant processes. It covers the commercial workflow, starting with requests followed by offers, orders, invoicing and financial accounting. The production workflows, beginning with the planning and allocating of the resources to monitoring the transportation, availability of personnel as well as rolling material are supported as well. With the aid of ECHO each and
every needed transportation document is issued and can be made available via interfaces to the participating partners of the transport. Ordering of extern services like train paths, wagon examiners, hotel rooms, etc. can get done mainly automatically. The monitoring of maintenance periods, energy consumptions, route knowledge, working hours and much more ensures a properly running operation.
Your benefits
  • Transparent and operator-friendly planning and allocation of locomotives, wagons and personnel
  • Overview on the resource availabilty
  • Complete settlement of your commercial processes of request, calculation, offer, order, invoice post-calculation in one system
  • Automated monitoring of dates and deadlines
  • Easy creation of all transportation documents

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