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Logistics software for shippers

ECHO | Shipper provides tools for allocation, planning and processing of your transportations on your factory grounds or to your clients. The system checks the capacities of wagons or containers as well as the processing of the transportation in great detail. The graphical track overview supports the planning and processing of shunting orders. The monitoring of the transport assignment and the continous supervison of the movements secures your permanent and complete information on the condition and location of your wagons or containers.
In case of a damage the damage wagon management helps you to get the wagons back to use as quickly as possible. A comprehensive order and settlement system makes sure that the needed wagons or containers are at the correct loading site in time and that the costs are attributed to the respective user. Incorrect handling of the wagons or containers at the loading site, are minimized due to the depiction of strictly specified workflows. Interfaces e.g. to weighting systems reduce your processing coasts and workload.
Your benefits
  • Overview on the resource availabilty
  • Transparent and userfriendly planning and allocation of loading operations
  • Complete workflow-based processing of your sequences from order to resource planning and monitoring, contract management up to billing and post-calculation in one system
  • Automated monitoring of dates, equipment usage and deadlines

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