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Logistics software for rail forwarders

ECHO | Transport helps you to keep an overview while processing your forwarding services. The calculation of the transport operations, the transparent depiction of the purchasing conditions, costs, prices and the disposition of the means of transport (wagons, container, transport units) are the central functions of this system. The necessary transportation documents are created in ECHO and can be provided to the involved partners through interfaces.
The action monitoring shows possible delays or mishaps at once, so that you can act immediately and customers are informed ASAP. Invoices are compared to the orders and current contracts as automatically as possible, in case of deviation a claim is produced. The outgoing invoices are shown by the system based on the transport request. The meeting of cost- and time-agreements is reported continuously.
Your benefits

  • Comprehensive overview on all forwarding services
  • Transparent and user-friendly planning and disposition of your means of transport
  • Overview on your resources
  • Complete settlement of your commercial processes of customer request, offer, order, invoice and post-calculation in one system
  • Automated monitoring of dates and deadlines
  • Clearly arranged action monitoring of the transports

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