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Server Solutions

For the different server applications we offer several server solutions, to help you realise your applicatations.

Root Server
With this solution you purchase your own virtual or physical server in our computer center, on which you run your appliations.

Private Cloud
This server solution externalises the your application as a mobile service, without you needing to care for the technical prerequisites. The application can access the specific network-resources it needs in the Cloud and so it can be charged precisely by use.

Server Housing
You already run a server and look for a secure place where to run it, having it administered professionally? In our computer center we meet this demand and look forward to house your server.

Your specific needs

Setup and Configuration
Next to the basic equipment, by request we offer to expand the server with technical components, or to install additional software. Of course, maintenance or updates can, if you wish, be executed as well.

Sustainability of your data in case of emergency, is secured by several solutions for backup. Your specific solution will be tailored to your special demands so that you do not make compromises when it comes to the security of your data.

For technical problems or when you need a consultation our IT system administrators will be gladly at your service. At the time the contract is concluded you can get assigned, without addional costs, a main contact person.
A powerful firewall and a professional virus scanner belongs to the standard configuration of every server in/of our computer center.

Active Directory
To ensure the security of your data also internally, we can create, specified to your demands differentiated user rights. You decide which staff members can view or change which documents or applications.

Our Computer Center
Our company owned computer center satisfies high security standards/ requirements and is maintained by certified IT-specialists.